Turmeric Rice with Almonds and Black Currents

Prep time:
15 mins
Cook time:
10 mins
Total time:
25 mins


4 cups cooked basmati rice

3 tablespoon olive oil /unsalted butter / ghee

6,7 curry leaves

1 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 1/2 table spoon dish delicious spice blend

1 table spoon lemon juice

1/3 cup almonds

1/3 cup black currents

1/3 cup coriander leaves roughly chopped

black truffle oil (when serving) The kiwi artisan company

Mid summer pickle (when serving) Foraged in Raglan


salt according to your taste



This turmeric rice recipe is our family favourite that I’ve been making since I was a kid. It’s a combination of fragrant spices and curry leaves that create a unique and delicious flavour that’s hard to resist. The secret to this recipe is in my signature spice blend, “Dish Delicious,” which is packed with aromatic ingredients that make it easy to create a mouth-watering rice dish that’s perfect for any occasion. As someone who loves to cook, I believe that food should be both delicious and easy to make, and that’s exactly what this recipe delivers. So, whether you’re cooking for your family or entertaining guests, give this recipe a try and taste the difference that this spice blend can make. Do share your feedback when you make this recipe . Tts always good to hear your side. #monsflavors on Instagram/ Facebook page or in the comment section below.


Heat olive oil/ unsalted butter / ghee in a large skillet, over a low medium heat.

Once oil is hot enough add, curry leaves and let them bring out there aroma, make sure gas is not too high at all stages, add turmeric powder, salt and give a good mix. quickly add your precooked rice and fold in everything well.

Once rice is well incorporated with turmeric and salt, add dish delicious spice blend and add lemon to it. At this stage you can add bit more ghee, butter or black truffle olive oil over the rice and mix everything well again. Give a good mix, cover it with a lid and steam cook for 1 minute on low medium heat to infuse all the flavours of the spice blend and the fat content you have chosen to add.

Once done add coriander leaves, serve it with lemon wedges and enjoy



You can buy curry leaves from any Indian store for 3.99$ and keep in in fridge . Tip to keep it fresh for a longer period of time is wrap it in a newspaper and then keep in fridge it will stay for more than 15 days.

You can add any vegetables to this rice dish but making sure to stir fry or roast vegetables prior to making this dish. I love adding peas, cauliflower, mushrooms, potatoes , corns and sometimes beans, broccolini, spinach leaves and so on

If you make this recipe with left over rice, it works out the best.

I love using local produce and love using black truffle olive oil from Tauranga based company The kiwi artisan co, just drizzle it when you are serving this rice dish, you will love your life. best way to pack you regular meals with nutrients and flavours.

To serve I used foraged in Raglan Mid summer pickle and goes very well with this dish.

I bought black currants from BinInn store

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