Turmeric Oats Breakfast

Total time:
10 mins


1 Cup Quick Oats

2 Cup Soy milk (Or any plant based milk)

2Teaspoon Turmeric Latte Blend

1 Teaspoon maple syrup (optional)

1/2 Cup Coconut cream

1/3 Cup Granola of your choice

Start your day with a recipe that is nourishing, healthy and which will keep you full all day. This oat meal breakfast made with turmeric latte blend is warming, lightly spiced and is a complete meal to start your any day. Adding turmeric latte blend takes away all the efforts you have to put in adding every single ingredient to reach out creating a gut friendly recipe. This also adds a great tasty addition to this breakfast as well .This recipe is my favorite meal of the day as this ensures that I have given my gut a great start with lots of healthy benefits. I m sure this will be your favorite soon .


In a pan on a low medium heat add oats, turmeric latte blend, soy milk.

Cook until 5,6 minutes. If you need runny consistency then add more milk

Add maple syrup if you like sweet breakfast

Once done layer it in serving glass or bowl, top it with coconut cream and granola and enjoy


  • You can add any plant based milk of your choice I find Soy and Oat milk bring much creamier taste
  • You can add fruits as your toppings
  • You can add Chia pudding to have a bit of change to your regular oat breakfast
  • You can choose to add 1 cup soymilk and 1 cup water if you don’t want this to be too rich and creamy.