Turmeric Oatmeal Bowl

Total time:
10 mins


1 Cup quick oats

1 Cup soy milk or any plant based milk

1/3 Cup water

2 Teaspoon Mons flavors turmeric blend

2 Tablespoon Granola of your choice

Fruits of your choice

Oatmeal is my morning staple in our home and I love making such breakfast bowls with turmeric latte blend with variety of grains. This quick and easy breakfast option is vibrant with anti- inflammatory and makes a good start to any day. Adding turmeric latte blend to this breakfast makes everything easy when you are looking for a healthy and quick start for the day


On low medium heat in a saucepan add oats, milk, water, turmeric blend and mix well together

Cook for 5, 6 minutes stirring continuously until oats get thicker and creamier, if you want your oats to be runny in texture add more milk or water until you achieve  the desired consistency

Once done switch off heat and serve it warm topped with your favourite granola and fresh fruits you like


  • I like changing grains for this recipe time to time like quinoa, millet, wheat grains
  • I love adding all kinds of toppings like almond butter, peanut butter, Pine nut milk