Turmeric Latte Poached Pear

Prep time:
10 mins
Cook time:
25 mins
Total time:
40 mins


4 Pears (Bosc pears)

5 Cups water

2 Tablespoon Turmeric spice blend

3 Tablespoon Jaggery or maple syrup

1 Teaspoon lemon juice

1 Cup orange juice(freshly squeezed)

3 crushed cardamom pods


Coconut whipped cream

1/3 cup turmeric yogurt  (recipe in notes)

Date syrup


Tumeric Poached Pear Dessert

This Turmeric latte poached pear recipe is I would call a fancy treat with all the healthy benefits attached. Thinking of impressing your guests at a party showing off your culinary skills then this recipe is worth a try. When I create recipes around my blends or for any company I always make sure one it has to be with minimal effort and second it has to look beautiful yet keeping all the health benefits intact. A meal that will satisfy and will actually look after you from inside, and this turmeric poached pear has it all. Another best part of this recipe is your kids will enjoy having it with there favorite ice-cream without realizing its got turmeric in it. Isn’t this the best part when you serve your child a healthy and delicious dessert without seeing there expression changing. As I say this blend will be a game changer for our generations to remember. Do let me know in comment section how was your experience making this recipe.


In a large pan bring water to boil then add Turmeric blend, jaggery powder, Orange juice, lemon juice , 3 crushed cardamoms pods and let it brew for 5, 6 minutes stir occasionally until aroma starts coming through.

Peel pears leaving the stems attached to the pear, add peeled pears in the water carefully

Reduce the heat and simmer cook pears on low for 20- 25 minutes, gently rotating pears with a spoon( making sure you don’t puncture the skin of the pears)

Switch off heat, leave pears in the pan, let it cool and cover with wrap and refrigerate until completely cool

8-10 hours is recommended or overnight.

Serve pears in a serving dish or a bowl, serve it with scoop of coconut ice-cream, drizzle of date syrup, or have it turmeric  yogurt

You can even take out pears carefully in another bowl and reduce the poaching liquid until it reduces to its quantity and use to serve it with poached pears


  • You can buy jaggery powder from any Indian store make sure don’t buy masala jaggery( plain jaggery works in this recipe)
  • Jaggery is a natural sweetener, it is prepared from the sap or the juice of plants that contains a considerable amount of sucrose or sugar
  • Its a healthier alternative to refined sugar
  • I used (Fia coconut cream Brand) for my whipped coconut cream
  • I love using  these pears in my oat breakfast bowl too or just slice them length wise and add to your roasted vegetables or salad for extra wow factor
  • I use the remaining water into making my iced cold turmeric drink or use it to knead a dough or in a smoothie or even  have it as a hot tea using plant based milk .
  • I generally dip my poached pears in poached liquid until I serve them. Best idea is to keep them in mason jar with liquid or deep glassware airtight container. The more it is soaked in liquid the most intense the flavors get. You can prep this 3 days before any party or function.
  • For Turmeric yogurt I just add 1 teaspoon turmeric blend, honey in  unsweetened yogurt, mix it until everything gets incorporated well and serve  your favorite way

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