Turmeric Golden Milk Popsicles

Total time:
240 mins


2 Cups Coconut milk or Almond Milk

1 Cup Coconut Cream

1 Teaspoon Maple syrup or Honey

1 Tablespoon Mons flavors Spice blend

If you love using this Turmeric latte blend then lets level up our game this time and make Turmeric latte popsicles. These are sweet, creamy and are perfect antioxidant- packed snack dessert. Turmeric is a powerful weapon against inflammation so this could be a great idea to add some value to your daily lifestyle as this combination of coconut milk, turmeric latte blend makes a perfect combination of summer flavors with immense health benefits attached.


Place all the ingredients in a blender or a stand mixer, blend everything together until smooth

Pour the mixture into your popsicle molds

Freeze it for minimum 3, 4 hours or overnight

Demold and enjoy this deliciousness


  • Run popsicle mold under Luke warm water for few seconds to easily unmold popsicle
  • You can use any plant based milk to make this recipe, I used full fat coconut milk in this recipe
  • You can skip coconut cream but I find adding that makes it bit creamy like shop bought
  • Adding sugar is entirely up to your personal preference, You can skip if you don’t want it too sweet as there is already enough sweetness coming through coconut sugar added in the blend