Macaroni Pasta with Spiced Tomato Sauce

Prep time:
10 mins
Cook time:
15 mins
Total time:
25 mins


2 red onions (medium size finely diced)

4 cup macaroni

1 green capsicum (diced into small cube size)

1 red Capsicum( diced into small cube size )

1 cup broccoli (cut into tiny florets)

1 cup carrot (diced into small cubes)

3,4 garlic cloves (finely minced )

2 tablespoon olive oil

2 teaspoon freedom spice blend

2 teaspoon ghee or butter

1/2 teaspoon salt


2 cup tomato puree

1 1/2 teaspoon garam masala

2 tablespoon sweet chili sauce

1 tablespoon Jaggery or maple syrup

2 teaspoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon ghee or butter

salt and pepper to taste

spiced tomato pasta vegeterian

Time to level up ! This veggie loaded tomato based macaroni is a bright and beautiful vegetarian pasta dish, super easy to make, its creamy, flavorful and infused with delicious spices, which adds an unique flavors which you might not have experienced before. Time to explore some flavors and bring some wow experience to your taste buds. This could be a yummy alternative to your regular mac & cheese. You wont know what spice have to offer until you try. It makes a perfect week night dinner, can serve as lunch or for school lunch boxes too. You will love making this again and again for your family and friends. I will add the reel video on my Instagram that will give an idea how to make this dish from start to finish. Do share your feedback when you make this dish !


Boil macaroni  cook according to the packet instructions and once done keep aside.

In a large pan on low medium heat, add olive oil, (make sure heat is on low flame when cooking with olive oil) add finely diced onions, sauté until translucent and pink in color, add minced garlic sauté  1/2 teaspoon salt and cook for 1 minute until fragrant.

Add  carrots, broccoli, cook until soft , then add diced capsicums freedom spice blend, ghee and mix well , cook further for 1 minute. (make sure not to over cook veggies).

Once vegetables are done, transfer into a plate and keep aside.

In same pan, add tomato puree, I use nonstick for my recipes so it had enough oil in it, but if using any other cook ware then you might have to add some oil again or butter.

Add salt and pepper to taste, sweet chili sauce, lemon juice , garam masala and cook for 2, 3 minutes until flavors gets infused . Add ghee cook further 1 minute then add cooked macaroni , combine well in tomato sauce.

Switch off the heat and add cooked vegetables combine well , season it with salt and pepper of your liking.

Serve warm with warm bread or as it is and enjoy !


For this recipe you can add shredded chicken as well , In winter capsicums are bit expensive so to make it budget friendly add peas, carrots, broccoli, corns, beans and shredded chicken

I love to add ghee in my recipes instead of butter but you can choose to add anything what’s available in pantry

In this recipe I added jaggery to replace sugar to cut down the acidity coming from tomatoes

Jaggery is a traditional  non- centrifugal cane sugar consumed in the Indian Subcontinent, as compared to refined sugar, jaggery has more nutrition values. Refined sugar contains empty calories but jaggery in comparison to white sugar has vitamins, minerals gram by gram. I don’t have white sugar in my pantry I love using Jaggery for most of my recipes. You can easily get it from any Indian store or any Bin Inn.

If you are vegan  you can leave adding  ghee but adding some kind of fat just lifts up the flavors of the dish

I love adding  infused avocado oil in case you are vegan .

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