Thai-Inspired Chickpeas Coconut Curry with a Twist

Prep time:
5 mins
Cook time:
15 mins
Total time:
20 mins


2 x 400 gram chickpeas (2 cans drained)

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 onion (finely chopped)

200 grams tomatoes

1/2 cup broccoli ( cut in small florets)

2 small size carrots (peeled and cut in 1/2 inch slices)

400 ml coconut cream

2 tablespoon Thai green paste

1 tablespoon dish delicious spice blend

1 teaspoon freedom spice blend

1 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup water or vegetable stock

1 inch ginger julienne

salt and pepper according to your taste

coriander leaves for garnish


Thai-Inspired Chickpeas Coconut Curry with a Twist

Embark on a delicious adventure with me as I share my personal experience of creating a special recipe: the Thai-Inspired Chickpea Coconut Curry with a Twist. I’m excited to show you how my spice blends can make your dishes incredibly tasty and versatile. In this amazing recipe, I found the perfect combination of flavours by blending Thai green curry paste with chickpeas and creamy coconut cream. It’s a dish that will make your taste buds dance with joy and leave you wanting more. As I experimented with different spices, I discovered that my Dish Delicious spice blend and Freedom spice blends were the secret ingredients that took this curry to the next level. The spices in Dish Delicious spice blend add depth and complexity, while the flavours in Freedom spice blend bring a unique touch of warmth and spiciness. What makes this recipe special is not just the ingredients, but the story behind it. It shows my commitment to providing you with spice blends that bring your cooking to life. Each bite of this curry invites you to explore new flavours, expand your cooking skills, and enjoy the pleasure of creating unforgettable meals. Let’s celebrate the joy of cooking together and experience the magic that happens when passion and creativity meet in the kitchen. Do share your feedback when you make this recipe. I love hearing back from you .#monsflavors on Instagram or Facebook.


Heat oil in a large pan over low medium heat, add finely chopped onion, sauté it for few seconds, we are not aiming for brown onions for this recipe so just sauté it for few seconds, then add chopped tomatoes, add dish delicious spice blend, freedom spice blend, turmeric powder, lemon juice, thai curry paste, mix well for few seconds then add carrots, broccoli, chickpeas and cook for 2-3 minute, don’t over cook the vegetables they taste great if they are bit crunchy.  After 2 minutes add water or vegetable stock, coconut cream, ginger julienne add salt and pepper as per taste, give a good mix and let it simmer cook for 5- 6minutes  until the flavours are absorbed into the vegetables and the sauce is thickened according to your liking.

Once done, garnish it with coriander leaves and enjoy it with steamed rice, noodles or any bread .


To make this recipe more filling and wholesome  you can choose to add peas, pumpkin, potatoes, corns, cauliflower, baby spinach, mushrooms and tofu

I used Pams chickpeas or choose to soak chickpeas  overnight and cook next day but if you want to save time then use tin chickpeas.

I used Fia Fia coconut cream and choose to add extra coconut milk if you want to make this for a larger group, if you don’t want creamy base you can choose to add half water and half coconut milk.

I like to add  tomatoes as it brings more flavours and choose to add value Tomato cans from Pak and Sav.

I used pantai green paste which is easily available in New world, Pak and save in Asian counters ot choose to shop in some Asian store near by If you have time you can make a Thai green paste and keep it in the freezer and use it when ever you are making this recipe.

This recipe can be made with or without thai green paste.

This dish stays in fridge for 3-4 days, you can reheat and enjoy everyday.

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