Spiced Hot Chocolate

Total time:
8 mins


Almond milk – 2 Cups

Cacao powder- 2tbsp

Mon’s Flavors Chai latte Spice Blend – 1tbsp

Coconut cream- 1/4 cup and some extra for topping.

Time to enjoy a big cup of spiced chai latte hot chocolate. This almond milk spiced hot chocolate made with my Mon’s Flavors Chai Latte Spice Blend is perfectly creamy and rich. It is made with a handful of ingredients. You hardly have to do any effort. You just need Mon’s special spice blend. This hot chocolate is way healthier and tasty than store-bought sugary stuff. The best homemade flavourful hot chocolate ready in no time. It’s Vegan, Refined Sugar-Free… Perfect for any day when you need hug in a mug …Have a fantastic day ahead. Love and Hugs


In a pan add Almond milk on low medium heat. Add Chai Latte Spice Blend, Whisk until smooth. Bring it to a boil, stirring occasionally. Let it simmer for few minutes until all the flavours are incorporated well.
Transfer into your favourite cup and enjoy with extra chocolate and coconut whipped cream