Masala Chai

Total time:
9 mins


1 Teaspoon – Tea leaves of your Choice

2 Cups – water

1 Teaspoon – Chai Masala (Mons Flavors )

1/2 Teaspoon – Any Sweetener of your Choice

¼ Cup – Milk (optional)

#masalachai has always been an integral part of our daily lives. Chai is a ubiquitous drink in India. This beverage is made across the country and consumed both at home and at any tea stalls on roadsides. Each household has a Tea Master and we all rely on that person to make tea for any occasion. My Indian friends would definitely relate to this ?. This drink which instantly transports me back to my great memories and I still religiously make this humble drink every day . I am sure you are going to have an exquisite experience using mons chai masala blend in your tea!!


In a pan add 2 cups water, tea leaves, Chai masala, keep it on medium heat.

Boil it for 3, 4 minutes until strong decoction is prepared.

Add milk and bring it to boil.

Pour into your cup through a strainer and enjoy