Marinated Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese)

Total time:
60 mins


300 grams Paneer (cut in cubes)

1 green, red, yellow capsicum (all cut in 1 inch cubes )

1 red onion (cut in 1 inch cubes)

3 tablespoon Yogurt

1 tablespoon garlic paste

1 tablespoon ginger paste

salt according to your taste

1 1/2 tablespoon Dish Delicious Spice Blend

2 tablespoon olive oil

Make restaurant style Paneer Tikka  (Indian cottage cheese) at home with Mons Dish delicious spice blend . This perfect vegetarian meal made with  Cubes of Paneer , capsicum , onions , marinated in super flavorful blend will  definitely  save your time in kitchen with all that preparation required originally to create this mouthwatering dish. Its a delicious  vegetarian meal and is perfect for any BBQ season. This dish is best enjoyed with freshly made green coriander chutney, salsa or any yogurt dip with drizzle of lemon juice on top. I am sure this will be your family favorite recipe very soon


Take a medium size bowl, add paneer, capsicum, yogurt, garlic, ginger paste, salt,  dish delicious blend, olive oil mix well until well incorporated.

Cover and leave aside for 25 to 30 minutes

Take skewer and pierce in capsicum , onion, paneer alternatively.

Heat grill plate on medium heat , brush some oil on the grill plate, arrange all the prepared skewers 1/2 inch apart in  single layer, brush or spray some oil on the top of paneer as this ensures paneer and vegetables wont dry out.

Roast  from all sides until paneer gets golden and charred.

Once done take the paneer from the grill , squeeze lemon juice on top and serve as a snack or pair it with turmeric lemon rice and coriander mint chutney



  • Marinate  paneer for at least 30 minutes or 4 to 5 hours so they get enriched with flavors
  • You can use chicken, prawns, fish, cauliflower using same recipe but cooking time may change when these ingredients are swapped with the ones in this recipe
  •  If anyone allergic to capsicums, can use carrots, cauliflower, baby potatoes but cooking timing may vary.
  • Make sure vegetables and paneer are cut in same size this helps for quick and even cooking.
  • You can use Air fryer  to prepare this recipe
  • Don’t overcook paneer as it might get chewy, best way is to drizzle some oil or butter to avoid dry paneer.
  • If you want this a spicy dish then you have to use red chili powder or green chili paste as this blend is a non spicy blend.
  • To get more yellow color you can add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder when mixing the ingredients.