Garam Masala Spiced Green Beans, Kale Potatoes

Prep time:
5 mins
Total time:
20 mins


4,5 potatoes ( washed ,peeled & diced in small cubes)

1 lb. or 400 grams Green beans ( cut into 1cm long pieces )

1/2 bunch of  kale leaves ( leaves not stems )

1 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

2 teaspoon mons garam masala

4, 5 jalapenos tiny pieces ( not whole)

2 tablespoon olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Have you tried making green beans , kale potatoes ? This is a popular north Indian dish served in various ways but as far as my memory goes I remember me having this dish almost every second day in my lunch box, courtesy my mum ! This is one dish I love from her kitchen specially served with crispy pranthas and yogurt dip. This delicious combination of green beans, potatoes and kale cooked with my grandfathers Garam masala blend makes this recipe utterly mouthwatering . Made with few handful ingredients takes less than 15minutes to prepare. Doesn’t this sounds like a win win recipe of all kinds! I am sure you all will enjoy making this for your family and friends. Do share your images on my social media handle #cookwithmon. Don’t forget to see Reel video on Instagram.


Heat oil in a nonstick pan, on a low medium heat, add cumin seeds let it splutter for few seconds

Add salt, turmeric powder in oil , mxi well and sauté for few seconds

Add potatoes, give a good mix and cook on low medium heat until half done

Once potatoes are half cooked add beans cook for 2, 3 minutes

Add garam masala. lemon juice, jalapenos and cook further for 1 more minute

Once everything is cooked to perfection add kale leaves

Give a good mix and cook until kale gets soft

Add salt & pepper to taste

Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon garam masala in the end, give a good mix together and serve warm with naan bread, pita bread or fill it in wraps



  • Once potatoes are half done, to make it bit crisper adjust heat on high and cook for 1minutes until potatoes are crispy then lower the heat again and add green beans
  • Add some hemp seeds, avocado chili oil if you want some additional taste
  • I love adding Ghee to this recipe in the end but if you are vegan you can opt out