Feijoa pickle Infused with aromatic spices and inspired by Ancient Indian Heritage

Prep time:
15 mins
Cook time:
15 mins
Total time:
30 mins


1kg medium size feijoas

2 1/2 cups olive oil

2 teaspoon Yellow mustard seeds (freshly grounded)

1 tablespoon Freedom spice blend

2 teaspoon Turmeric powder

2 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 cup Jaggery powder/ Caster sugar / Coconut sugar (increase if you need more)

3 teaspoon Nigella seeds

3 teaspoon fennel seeds ( coarsely grounded)

Salt & Pepper according to your taste buds

This instant feijoa pickle is one of the recipes I make when feijoa season is blooming in my garden. One is so quick and easy to make and second anyone can make it effortlessly, It doesn’t require multiple ingredients or long preparation in the kitchen. I made it easy for you all, Freedom spice blend will help you creating that wow factor to this unique dish. Even if you are not a huge feijoa fan, trust me, try making this recipe you will be a feijoa lover for life. This instant pickling thing was introduced to me by my grandfather as I always watched him making similar ingredient recipes using our farm fruits and I think he wanted us to enjoy eating fruits even when the season was over. He was a clever man and I feel blessed that I learnt some great tips using fruits and vegetables in different ways and I feel so happy I am using his skills and passing these recipes to some of you who love creating new flavorful healthy recipes straight from your garden. You see so many feijoa recipes on websites but promise this will be a recipe which you will cherish for life sharing it with your family. Enjoy this recipe and share your feedback with me in the comment section or share your images on Instagram page #monsflavors #monsspiceblends


Wash feijoas and pat dry them.

Cut them length wise, not very thin slices as they might get over cooked while cooking. Crunchier the better as this pickle is supposed to be eaten while its fresh and crunchy. Just tossed in few spices and olive oil, cooked a little bit so that it can have a couple of weeks shelf life.

In a large pan, on low medium heat, add olive oil, add sliced feijoas, mix well with oil, add freshly grounded mustard seeds, turmeric powder, freedom spice blend, coarse fennel seeds, lemon juice, jaggery powder, salt & pepper according to your taste. Mix well. Cook for 5, 6 minutes. Don’t over cook it. The moment you see the feijoas are changing its color and getting bit soft, time to switch off the heat.

Adjust salt, sugar, lemon accordingly, Once everything is up to your taste add nigella seeds in the end.

Mix all over again, let it cool and transfer it to your jars and enjoy.


Tip Number 1 – If you are using lots of feijoas to make this batch make sure don’t add too much of mustard seeds as it will be make pickle bitter and spicy so be aware of that. You can choose to add any type of mustard seeds in this recipe, Yellow mustard seeds are mild than brown so choose accordingly.

Tip Number 2- sweet and sour taste depends on your taste buds. While cooking process check salt, sweetness, and sour taste and adjust accordingly. I used medium size feijoas . If you have big feijoas from your garden then adjust taste accordingly.

Tip Number 3- If you want this pickle to be crunchy then make sure don’t over cook it, 5 – 6 minutes of cooking would be enough

You can store this for couple of weeks outside and then keep it in fridge later but if you want to make this a pantry shelf stable add vinegar.

I would use apple cider vinegar

Adding coarse fennel seeds adds a depth to this recipe so don’t miss this part

Don’t get scared if you see olive oil is too much, When the spices gets infused in olive oil, you can use this olive oil on your avocado toast, scrambled eggs, and on your hummus dips. I believe a pantry and recipes should be multifunctional so think out of the box.

You can buy Jaggery from BinInn stores or add any form of sugar (Jaggery, coconut sugar, caster sugar)

I don’t suggest maple syrup, honey in this recipe

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