Dish Delicious Vegetable Paneer Coconut Curry

Prep time:
10 mins
Cook time:
35 mins
Total time:
45 mins


1/2 – Chinese cabbage

500 grams – pumpkin ( cut in small cubes)

250 grams – Paneer or tofu ( cut length wise )

1/4 cup -Edamame beans or peas

1/3 cup – corns

1 Red onion – (cut in big chunks)

2,3 – garlic cloves (finely minced)

1/2 inch  –  Ginger grated

1 tablespoon – dish delicious blend

1 teaspoon – lemon juice

400 grams – coconut milk

1 cup – water

4 tablespoon – olive oil ( some extra )

Salt & pepper to taste

Rice noodles – 1 packet (4cups)

coriander leaves  and chopped almonds for garnish


Vegetable Paneer Coconut Curry

A super simple, Veggie- packed curry which is loaded with pumpkin, paneer, made with my award winning aromatic blend dish delicious is so easy to make, that I am sure this will be your favorite recipe to please your family and friends in no time. This is a very satisfying dish as its made with lots of winter veggies and made with coconut milk and is light on spices that makes this dish a win win recipe. Best part of this dish is you can add your favorite ingredients and make this according to your personal taste. I am sure this will be your go-to curry recipe which you will love making from now on. Do give me your feedback on Comment below.


Boil rice noodles according to instructions on the packet .

Once done drizzle oil over it and keep it aside covered until you prepare the curry sauce

Preheat oven at 240 degree ( 180 fan forced ) peel, and cut pumpkin into small pieces , place pumpkin cubes on the roasting tray, drizzle some olive oil and roast until pumpkin is tender, remove from the oven and set aside

Add olive oil in a heavy bottom pan over low medium heat, place paneer or tofu and cook from both sides until they turn golden brown and remove from the pan on a plate . You can even coat paneer or tofu in a mixture of ( olive oil , 1teaspoon dish delicious, tiny bit of salt , pepper, sesame seeds ) and cook from both sides until golden brown. This will give additional taste to bland paneer or tofu. make sure don’t add too much salt in the mixture you prepare

In the same pan, add remaining olive oil, add minced garlic, ginger sauté it for few seconds then add chunky onions , fry until softened, then add, edamame beans, corns and dish delicious blend and sauté for another minute  Pour coconut cream and 1 cup of water, add salt & pepper to taste , add lemon juice , Chinese cabbage leaves , mix well cook for 1-2 minutes . Then at the end add roasted pumpkin, paneer, mix well again, cover the lid and cook until sauce gets through cheese/ tofu and makes it soft and flavorful.

Season it with salt & pepper according to your taste before serving.

Garnish it with chopped almonds, coriander leaves and serve it with Rice noodles or rice



You can choose to add normal cabbage instead Chinese cabbage if its not available

Broccoli, carrots, eggplant can be added too

You can add red chili pepper if you like curry to be spicy

Shredded chicken can be replaced with tofu or paneer but making sure its cooked before you add in the sauce . You can even use chicken breast for this recipe , or fish . You might have to change cooking method a bit. meat or fish have to be cooked first and rest process can be the same. You might have to add more water in case of using meat to get flavors infused and then in the end at bit more coconut milk for the finesse touch

Paneer can be bought from any Indian store easily.

Pak & Save , New world have Paneer too ( Gopala is the brand name )

You can use white onions instead but red ones brings a great depth of flavor to the dish , if you don’t like chunky onions add chopped ones in the 1 step making sure onions are cooked perfectly and then garlic  and ginger in 2nd step.

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