Dish Delicious Tomato Pasta

Prep time:
5 mins
Total time:
15 mins


3 Cups pasta of your choice

3 tablespoon olive oil

3 garlic cloves (chopped minced)

2 Cups of Dish delicious pasta sauce

1/2 cup coconut cream

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 teaspoon Chili flakes

2 teaspoon hemp seeds

This creamy tomato pasta made with dish delicious blend is so quick to make, once you have the pasta sauce ready in your fridge, you will be making this almost everyday for your family for sure. This recipe is made with lots of unique flavors coming through dish delicious blend as it adds an extra punch of flavors and creaminess without needing to add lots of butter or extra flavors .This pasta dish will be your favorite in no time ! enjoy this recipe and do share your beautiful creations on my Instagram page #cookwithmon


Cook the pasta according to the package directions in slated water until its done

Drain and keep under running water for few seconds then drizzle some oil and give a toss and leave it aside

In a large pan on a medium heat, add olive oil, add minced garlic, sauté until fragrant

Add dish delicious sauce, then add salt and pepper to taste , add coconut cream and add cooked pasta

Mix well

Sprinkle some hemp seeds and grated cheese on top if you want and serve hot


  • In this recipe you can add broccoli, spinach, olives, sundried tomatoes
  • You can create this recipe with gluten- free pasta