Delicious Homemade Hummus made with Roasted Chickpeas

Prep time:
5 mins
Cook time:
15 mins
Total time:
20 mins


2 can chickpeas ( drained and liquid reserved )

6,7 garlic cloves (skin peeled)

1 tablespoon freedom spice blend

1/2 cup olive oil

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon tahini paste (tahini from Chantal organics

salt (according to your taste)


1/2 green, yellow, red capsicum (diced)

roasted chickpeas

leftover infused oil

handful microgreens

roasted garlic cloves

Hemp seeds or sesame seeds





Homemade Hummus made with Roasted Chickpeas

Have you tried making hummus or chickpea dip which you found wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be ? Don’t worry I have a classic recipe for you all, usually traditional hummus recipe is made with just drained chickpeas and I used to do the same until one day while experimenting in kitchen I roasted chickpeas and garlic together and made dip with it and saw the difference it made to my regular hummus dip. I found roasting chickpeas and roasted garlic specially, gives that caramelized and sweet flavors to this recipe . Bonus making recipe this way is that you get a beautiful flavorful infused oil as well at the end of your roasting. This recipe is perfect for any big party you want to host, I am sure you will be impressing your family and friends with your show stopper dip platter this Christmas. Do share your feedback in your comment section below once you make this recipe.


Pre heat oven to 240 degree

Drain chickpeas in a colander, keeping a bowl or pan underneath. Keep this drained water in a fridge until you prepare hummus

In a roasting tray, spread drained chickpeas, garlic cloves , drizzle olive oil , add salt, freedom spice blend, mix well

Roast on  180 degree for 1o -15 minutes depends upon your oven, making sure chickpeas are well coated in oil, otherwise possibility is chickpeas will get dry and hard not moist as you would require it for a creamy hummus, you can cover it with tin foil to avoid chickpeas getting dry.

Once chickpeas are soft  and garlic is brown in color transfer them  into a separate bowl and leave handful chickpeas on tray and roast further until crispy for topping

In a high powered blender add roasted chickpeas, garlic cloves, tahini paste, lemon juice,(chickpea water not all at one go) blend on a slow speed to start with until all the ingredients are mixed together. Slowly increase the speed and keep adding water as you go, if you want hummus to be thicker then keep control over chickpea water , but I like bit medium sort of texture so I don’t mind adding more chickpea water. If you see hummus isn’t blending nicely and its too thick and dry, don’t shy away from adding chickpea water. Every brand has different levels of water content in them, if you see its less then just add more icy cold water into chickpea water and keep blending it until you reach a  smooth and creamy consistency

Adjust salt, lemon according to your taste, once you get to your desired consistency, transfer dip into your serving bowl or plate, add roasted garlic, roasted chickpeas,, drizzle extra infused oil, and serve with any toasted bread or any vegetables

I added colorful stir fry capsicums as you see in the images, you can add fresh cherry tomatoes or any vegetables you like or choose to keep it simple.

Store this hummus without toppings in a airtight jar and enjoy for a week .




You can choose to top up hummus with garlic cloves and chickpeas if you don’t like capsicums

Use this hummus with any pita bread, or can use this as a sandwich spread or warp spread

I often add more olive oil and bit more freedom spice blend so that in the end of roasting I can get a good infused olive oil. I keep that oil in a jar and use it as a dressing on various salads and stir-fry vegetables. While making dressing add maple syrup or lemon juice in infused oil shake well and use it for any salad meals or drizzle it on your meat, fish or avocado toast.  You can see in the video how I do that.

Traditionally people  make hummus recipe without roasting chickpeas but I love roasting chickpeas and garlic , it gives the recipe a beautiful flavor, but if you want to save time then skip roasting chickpeas

Add few cubes of ice while blending chickpeas it helps hummus texture reach to a  creamy consistency

I use kitchen aid food processer for my recipes, its the best thing you can buy for your kitchen.

You can keep this hummus in fridge for a week


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Carleen Thomson
Mons Flavors


Will never buy hummus again! This is so yum. A little bit of a kick and a great dish for a crowd.

1 year ago
Mons Flavors
Mons Flavors

Hi Carleen,
Since I started making hummus at home, I never went back either, way easier when you can feed a crowd with handful Ingredients and at the same time makes you feel proud when you present A class dish with no effort. Enjoy using Freedom spice blend with extra Freedom !

1 year ago

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