Crispy Broccoli Onion Fritters with Slow Cooked Yogurt Sauce ( Kadhi )

Prep time:
20 mins
Cook time:
30 mins
Total time:
50 mins



2 cup natural Greek yogurt

3 tablespoon chickpea flour

2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon dish delicious blend

2 cup water (1.4 liters)


2 tablespoon mustard oil or vegetable oil

1 teaspoon mustard seeds or cumin seeds

1 teaspoon coriander seeds ( crushed )(optional)

6,7 garlic cloves (minced)

1 onion finely chopped

1 1/ 2 teaspoon garam masala

1 teaspoon dish delicious

salt & pepper according to your taste

4 cup water

1 table spoon ghee  or butter (optional)

coriander for garnish


1 cup broccoli or broccolini  florets

2 onions ( create onion rings)

1 cup chickpea flour

2 tablespoon rice flour

salt & pepper

1/2 teaspoon dish delicious or more water as required to make a smooth batter

oil for shallow frying

Brocoli and onion fritters in yoghurt sauce

This dish {kadhi} is a comfort food loved by many Indians and cooked with several variations across India. If you are a yogurt lover then this recipe is for you as this recipe is easy to make and is very light to digest and can be made at home in a jiffy. I love making this recipe ones a week as its very flavorful, addictive and it gives a totally different taste than your regular meals. I must admit a total different profile to your palette which you will fall in love once you make this. If you want to create an authentic yummy traditional dish then this recipe is what you will love making for its simplicity and yet tasting so good. Through my recipes I love to challenge myself using my versatile spice blends creating some of our traditional recipes with such an ease and at the same time creating something which surprises me too. Hope you enjoy making this dish. Do share your feedback in the comment section !


In a bowl add Greek yogurt, chickpea flour, dish delicious blend, turmeric powder and water, mix well with the help of a whisker and once everything is mixed well keep aside until you prepare your masala.

For fritters, in a bowl add chickpea flour, rice flour, dish delicious , salt and pepper to taste and start adding water slowly to make a smooth consistency batter making sure batter isn’t too runny . It should be in a consistency where vegetables can get coated easily without dripping too much.  If you don’t have rice flour handy that’s fine skip adding this , you can still make fritters. Rice flour adds bit of crunch to the batter. (works like a starch) Shallow fry them in oil until crispy and leave aside. It will be hard to resist these so make sure you make a big batch, half for this dish and half for just having as a snack.

In a thick – bottomed cooking pot, add mustard oil or vegetable oil, on low medium heat , add  mustard seeds, or cumin seeds instead if not using mustard seeds or coriander seeds. Once seeds starts to splutter add minced garlic sauté until garlic becomes fragrant. At this stage you will notice spices are bringing lot of aroma on its own specially if you add crushed coriander seeds . Time to add chopped onions and fry onions until golden brown in color. For this recipe I like onions to be more brown in color rather then just keeping pink. golden brown garlic and golden brown onions brings lot of aroma and taste to this dish but make sure not to burn. so keep the flame on medium heat and spatula moving time to time.

Once you see onions are golden brown  add your yogurt mixture along with additional 4 cups of water to it, give a good stir and add salt and pepper according to your taste, add garam masala blend, dish delicious blend and give another good stir and switch heat on lower flame. Cook this mixture for 15 – 20 minutes until the sauce starts thickening, you can additional 1 cup water if you see its thickening faster, this dish gets more tastier if you cook it for a longer time and on simmer.  You are more than welcome to add ghee at this stage . No Indian dish is complete if you don’t add ghee but if you prefer butter then don’t hesitate .

Once sauce is ready add your fritters in the sauce or serve it as shown in the images . If you add your fritters in the sauce, fritters soaks all the flavors of the sauce but I love my fritters served on top when I am making vegetable fritters this way as I love to enjoy the flavors separately . If I make round ball shape fritters then I prefer dunked into the sauce. Hope it makes sense. If you see on my Instagram video you can see the sauce texture and don’t worry about knowing how will you know the sauce is cooked . In 15- 20 minutes chickpea flour will get cooked and sauce will get thicker, flavors will get stronger  and you know its ready . You can add water according to your liking. This dish can easily feed 6 people if its runny in consistency and if its thick then 4 and also depends how big is your appetite .
Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it with steamed basmati rice or black rice or naan bread and enjoy


For this recipe you can choose to add or leave ingredients according to your choice but if you want authentic taste of this very popular north Indian dish called kadhi pakora then don’t skip mustard oil, mustard seeds and crushed coriander.

You can buy mustard oil ( small bottle) from any Indian store and use it for your dry vegetables like potatoes, stir-fry vegetables for frying fritters  and you can also use it for a hair massage or use it on your skin. Mustard oil is reddish- brown in color and has a very strong , pungent and sharp smell. Mustard oil is very healthy edible oil it is low in saturated fatty acid, high in MUFA and PUFA . Its a very popularly known for its health benefits. You can read more on google and start experimenting . Happy to help if you have any questions. You can use any vegetable oil to make this dish but I cook in mustard oil.

Mustard seeds you can get in small 2$ packaging from Indian store and can store in airtight container or 12 months.  Coriander is optional if you want to skip adding these you can, there is no pressure to add these seeds as dish delicious blend will do its magic when it comes to achieving those flavors . If you are serving this dish to kids I would avoid adding them as seeds can be an hindrance in chewing and swallowing. You can add cumin seeds Instead

For fritters you can use cauliflower, potatoes if you don’t like broccoli and most importantly if you don’t have time to make these fritters and still want to create this dish then just add raw cauliflower (1 cup ) or boiled potatoes ( 2, 3 small size ) add these two things when you have added your yogurt batter along with water. Raw vegetables will get cooked and will get infused and that’s how I cook sometime when I don’t have time to make fritters  or cook fritters one day ahead and next day you can prepare the sauce.

Few tips to ensure this dish comes out great

Make sure you use room temperature yogurt and has bit sour taste ( Gopala yogurt from Pak’ Sav or New World )

Make sure you cook this on low heat to avoid yogurt from curdling

If you keep wooden cradle the whole time in the pot you wont see the mixture spilling out of the pot . learnt this trick while working in kitchen. Try it you will be surprised

You can make it super saucy or keep it bit thick in consistency it depends upon your personal taste. I sometimes like to have it with rice then I prefer runny consistency but with naan bread I would choose to have bit thick consistency


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