Chai Masala Cacao Spiced Oats Breakfast

Total time:
10 mins


1/3 Cup rolled oats

1/3 Cup Almond Flour

2 Teaspoon chai masala blend

1 Cup of any plant based milk you prefer

1/3 Cup water (if needed)

1 Inch fresh grated ginger

2 Teaspoon cacao powder

2 Teaspoon jaggery powder or maple syrup or honey

Pinch of salt

Topping any seasonal fruits and handful granola of your choice

Don’t we all fancy a good healthy and delicious breakfast to start our day. Trust me nothing beats a comforting bowl of warm spiced oats any day. Mons chai masala blend adds a little special touch creating well balanced aromatic flavors, tastes like pudding and is filling, healthy and defiantly satisfying and nutritious, which comes together in few minutes ! I am sure this will be your favorite too as its mine from so many years


In a pan on low medium heat add milk, rolled oats, almond flour, cacao powder, Chai masala blend

Stir and mix together, then add jaggery powder, grated ginger, pinch of salt and cook for 3, 5 minutes stirring it occasionally

Once it reaches the consistency you desire , switch off the heat and serve warm

Add fresh fruits of your choice and handful  granola on top for crunchiness

You can add seeds of your choice while cooking oats


  • This recipe can be changed according to your preference, if you don’t like adding oats, make this with any grains you like or just add almond flour
  • You can add water if you like runny consistency but I like mine thick so didn’t add water
  • I used soy in this recipe as soy gives this recipe bit creamy texture, its always good to mix two variety of milk to get maximum benefits
  • You can add honey or any sweetener of your choice but I like adding Jaggery which you can buy from any Indian stores easily