Chai Latte

Prep time:
2 mins
Cook time:
3 mins
Total time:
5 mins


1 cup – Almond Milk or any milk you prefer

1 teaspoon – Chai latte spice blend (leveled)

1 teaspoon – honey ( optional )

I am sharing my favourite authentic nutritious recipe ever! This chai latte recipe has everything you need, it has sweet and spicy flavour and it doesn’t take much time to prepare. It is Dairy-free; caffeine-free with no preservatives or addictive’s and makes a great healthier alternative to your morning start.

Real reason for coming up with this spice blend was to get authentic flavours that you don’t get in coffee shops as they are loaded with sugar and lots of preservatives. Chai is traditionally a blend of tea leaves, spices and milk but in contrast to that this Chai latte is a milky drink, especially for those who don’t want caffeine in their morning cuppa.

Chai latte is considered to be a healthy drink but I always say everything in moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Chai Latte


In a pan combine spice blend in milk on low medium heat, whisk with fork or a whisker to combine. Once done pour it in your favorite cup. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and enjoy your morning cuppa.

If you are not used to spices then start with 1/2 teaspoon and then gradually increase it to 1 teaspoon leveled. Don’t go beyond 1 teaspoon as I always say too much of everything is not good. If you want spices to help you healing  then moderation is the key.



Measurements of spice blend is according to my taste buds but if you like stronger then you can add bit more but remember such drinks are great as your daily dose only if everything is in moderation.

You can use whatever milk you prefer. But I like making it in almond milk and coconut milk.  Soy works great too.

If you need your caffeine doze, just add tea leaves brew it as you would do it with your regular tea and enjoy. You can also add chocolate to make this a chocolate chai latte.

This blend is so versatile, that it can be added to your morning breakfast bowls, baking and to your Smoothie bowls.


Enjoy this super tasty blend made with love!