Chai Latte Oats Breakfast Bowl

Prep time:
5 mins
Cook time:
5 mins
Total time:
10 mins


1 cup rolled oats

1 1/2 cup soy milk or any plant based milk

2 teaspoon chai latte blend

2 teaspoon maple syrup or Jaggery powder

Fruits, nuts of your choice

Lets dig into a creamy bowl of wholesome oatmeal porridge perfectly flavored with chai latte blend. This gives your morning a perfect boost and makes a great breakfast for all those cold early mornings. If you are a chai latte fan then this recipe would be perfect for you. Creamy delicious and comforting bowl of all times. It takes few minutes to make this as you don’t have to use spices separately to create that wow factor Mons chai latte blend does all the magic ! I am sure you all are looking for such easy and healthy recipes right so what are you waiting for? Make this breakfast bowl and share your feedback with me #cookwithmon on Instagram


On a low medium heat, place a pan, add milk, oats and bring it the boil

Add chai latte blend, sugar keep stirring occasionally, until everything gets dissolved and well incorporated

You may add extra milk or water depending on the consistency you want to achieve for your breakfast bowl. I prefer bit thick

Cook for 1, 2 minutes or  cook as per the instruction of your oats packaging

Once done transfer it into your serving bowl

Drizzle honey and top it with your favorite seasonal fruits and enjoy


  • You can use millet, broken wheat (Dalia) quinoa
  • If you want this creamy then once its cooked you can blend it in a blender and serve
  • I love to buy seasonal fruits from farmers markets that’s where you get fresh produce all season