Carrot Leaves Pesto

Prep time:
10 mins
Cook time:
5 mins
Total time:
15 mins


2 cups of carrots leaves (wash trim and roughly chop)

1 cup coriander leaves or parsley

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup almonds (Silvered almonds)

3 tablespoon lemon juice

1 1/2 teaspoon Freedom spice blend

1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup

salt and pepper as per your taste

carrot leave pesto

This carrot leaves pesto isn’t something what I discovered when I moved to New Zealand, using names like pesto wasn’t a thing in our region but using all kind of vegetable scrapes in our meals was very common and it comes very naturally to me when it comes to cooking meals under budget and not wasting anything at the same time as growing up in remote village with acres of land around you and having a genius farmer grandfather whom I saw using every single bit of everything which could provide a nourishing meal on the table is what I picked up very gracefully. I remember watercress which is a fancy stuff to be plated by great chefs here I used to pick up from river banks while walking with my aunt. These memories are very special and so are these recipes for me and I love sharing with you all as they take me to my old memories and that gives me confidence of sharing such recipes. What a gorgeous way to use our spring produce and best part is no wastage in kitchen. If you haven’t made this before then you will thank me for life that’s a Mon promise. Do share your feedback in comment section and any questions happy to answer. Check out my Instagram where I will be posting video of this recipe.


Wash carrot tops and leave it in a colander for 5 minutes to drain its excess water, chop roughly.

In a food processor  or any blender you have, add roughly chopped carrots leaves, coriander leaves, olive oil, almonds, freedom spice blend, lemon juice ,salt and pepper to taste.

Pulse until you reach your desired consistency, I like it bit coarse as I use it as a spread and dips but if you want to make a pasta sauce then make it bit smooth. You might have to scrape it down at least two times during blending to get the perfect consistency.

This recipe is according to my liking but you are more than welcome to adjust, salt, honey and lemon according to your taste preference.

Transfer into an air tight container and serve it as a dip and surprise your family and friends with your culinary skills.

This pesto can stay in the fridge for more than one week.


If you are not coriander lover then add parsley instead

You can swap almonds with cashew nuts or pine nuts

Use  neutral flavored olive oil

You can add green chili or  few jalapenos if you want spiciness to this pesto but I like it to keep it simple

you can use this pesto to drizzle over your smashed potatoes, just one tip if you are doing this .. Add cold water to this pesto and make it bit runny then adjust salt, sweetness accordingly. I love making this pesto bit tangy and sweet  in taste so I go for more lemon and honey. If you have tasted this in any of the farmers market I do then you are familiar with the taste.

When you blend it in the start you may find leaves are not blending well, but that’s okay, as carrots leaves are not as tender as basil or coriander, don’t panic just keep blending until you reach your desired consistency. If you find it bit dry just add water to keep things simple and in budget.

I use kitchen aids 13 cup food processor, It may sound its expensive but trust me since I have started using that I haven’t touched my other gadgets. I wouldn’t recommend if its not worth paying for. I love to keep things simple and in budget. It pays you a long way.

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