Next Level Butter Chicken

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Authentically Mons this next-level taste sensation is a truly magic Butter Chicken spice blend. A subtle combination of 16 dry roasted, nutrient-enriched spices. Finely crafted to create that authentic, remarkable depth and complexity of flavours.

This blend has limitless uses, including in curries, marinates, BBQ, or rubs with chicken, pork or fish. Even better use it to create lip-smacking vegetarian dishes.

No added preservatives, dairy, nuts, sugar, salt, onion, or any sort of artificial colours or flavourings.

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Butter Chicken traditionally called Murg Makhani (Murg means chicken) (Makhani means Buttery) originated in India’s  Punjab region, traditionally made with boneless chicken which is marinated for hours in a mix of spices, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and mustard oil then roasted in tandoor oven to get that awesome charcoal flavour. It is then doused in a generous thick gravy made with butter or ghee, fresh cream, tomatoes and ground spices. It is typically mild in heat yet has a robust flavour created through the combination of the roasted chicken and its super-rich butter/ ghee gravy, making it a family favourite all over the world. If you are a Butter chicken lover, then let me tell you Punjabi butter chicken recipe is the best. Mons Next Level Butter Chicken is freshly roasted and blended with 16 mostly organic spices and finely crafted to create that authentic, remarkable depth and complexity of flavours.

  • You can Marinate, BBQ, or use as rub on chicken, pork fish or to create any lip-smacking vegetarian dishes.
  • Oven bake or grill marinated chicken or vegetables and combine with the tomato gravy made with Mons next level butter chicken spice blend to create a complex, flavourful, buttery gravy.
  • You can use this blend to make Tandoori chicken /Tandoori Paneer/ Paneer Makhani or anything you want to create curries which are buttery and creamy.
  • You make butter chicken pies vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Each blend is handmade in small careful batches, giving you unbeatable flavour in every mouthful.


Organic Coriander seeds, Organic Cumin Seeds, Organic Green Cardamon, Organic Mace, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Bay leaves, Organic Kashmiri Red chilli, Organic Star anise, Organic tomato powder, Mons Garam Masala, Fenugreek leaves, Cloves, Black Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Organic Turmeric


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5 reviews for Next Level Butter Chicken

  1. Katie

    Absolutely banging flavours! Never need to buy butter chicken takeaways ever again! You won’t want to anyway as this is so much better! Highly recommend!

    • Mons Flavors

      Hi Katie,
      Omg cant tell you reading this review made my day. It took me 1 whole year to create this spice blend and I really want everyone to enjoy the real Flavours and so far everyone is enjoying it and I really appreciate you taking your time and sharing your valuable feedback here. Welcome to Mons Authentic and flavorful world.
      Much love

  2. Poornima Vishnu

    Bought the blend last week and tried your butter chicken recipe.It was very very delicious Mon. I had added coconut cream. Usually when we add coconut milk or cream the first taste we get from the curry would be of coconut milk or cream but here it was the balance of spices. It was a serving of 4 but we both finished it in a single meal 😁😁 We just loved it .. you truly create magic with the spice blends 😍😃

    • Mons Flavors

      Hi Poornima,
      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. It means a lot. To get this blend so perfect it took me one whole year to create, and after reading such great feedbacks I think it was worth putting that much effort. Thank you again for taking your time and sharing your side here.
      Much Love

  3. Beula

    Got my hands on the Butter chicken blend at the Food show in Wellington and my butter chicken loving kids rated this spice blend highly. They said it was better than the takeaway they get!!!! Definitely was much more authentic! The curry smelt great and the flavour was just spot on! Wish I had got couple of jars… honestly the best … I’ve added this blend to my paneer dishes and even to pulao and it was just delicious!

    • Mons Flavors

      Hi Beula
      Wow, I am so grateful for your kind words about my Next level butter chicken spice blend! Its always wonderful to hear that families are enjoying this spice blend and finding them to be authentic and delicious. I am thrilled that your kids rated it highly and even preferred it over takeaway- that’s quite the compliment ! I am also delighted to hear that you’ve been using the blend in your paneer dishes and pulao, and that its been a hit. Thank you for your support and trying my blends. I truly appreciate it and hope to continue bringing flavours to your kitchen !

  4. Kellie Brice

    Thank You So Much!!!
    We met you at the Cambridge Craft & Collectables Market today.
    We loved tasting and smelling your Samples and we brought the Next Level Butter Chicken and Dish Delicious Blends…
    We came straight home and made your Next Level Butter Chicken… and OH MY GOSH!!! I feel like I went to a Restaurant!! So Delicious and Easy!!
    Thank You for Introducing Your Amazing Taste into our Lives 😀
    We also loved how full the jar was.
    You Are Amazing!

    • Mons Flavors

      Hi Kellie,
      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. Reading this makes me very happy, I am pleased you enjoyed using this blend as much I making it.
      I really appreciate your support

  5. Lisa

    1,000% next level butter chicken! Thank you so much for creating this incredible spice mix! We absolutely love it and that’s a huge feat as my family usually do not like butter chicken but this is now going to be a family favourite! Also bought your chia honey and turmeric latte blend so can’t wait to use these as well 🙏🏻

    • Mons Flavors

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear that you and your family enjoyed the butter chicken spice mix. It’s wonderful to know that it has become a new family favorite! I hope you enjoy the chia honey and turmeric latte blend just as much. Your support means the world to me!
      Thank you for taking your time and sharing your feedback.
      Kind Regards

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