I’m Monisha, founder of Mon’s Flavors.

My life-long passion for cooking began as a child, spending time with my grandfather in his kitchen in India while he cooked the most exquisite meals for his family and friends.  It was my grandfather who sparked my interest in Indian spices, their flavors and medicinal properties, and I was excited to learn that healthy food could taste great too!

While I’ve always had a real love of cooking, life in India didn’t provide the opportunity for me to pursue it as a profession.  That all changed when I moved to New Zealand in 2011 with my family, and my youngest son Mehul suggested I share my passion for cooking on social media.  Fast-forward to today, and I am a passionate food blogger with many followers @monsflavors. I also provide recipes and food photography for a number of other companies. 

The idea for Mon’s Flavors was inspired by the overwhelming response I received from those attending my Indian Fusion Cooking Classes.  My students were amazed to learn that the ability to cook great Indian food didn’t require the skills of a seasoned chef, a complicated recipe, or a long list of ingredients!  So with their encouragement and the amazing support of my husband Vishal, I set out to create a range of convenient and authentic Indian spice blends to enable my fellow ‘flavour lovers’ to add that special magic to their home‑cooked meals, regardless of their culinary expertise.

I’m very excited to share the next step in my food journey with you, and sincerely hope that Mon’s Flavors will encourage and inspire you to add a little spice to your life!